MVIWAARUSHA called upon the public to join hands in the movement for environmental conservation

MVIWAARUSHA called upon the public to join hands in the movement for environmental conservation

Every 5th of June the world joins together to embrace environment day where countries through their entities and organization are coming together to perform activities that reminds and embrace environmental conservation.

In the day, different activities are implemented by government and private entities to embrace the day which is meant to mobilize and call for world environment conservation.

In Arusha, the Arusha district council, in particular, has organized the event to plant trees and call for the public to do so in celebrating the day. MVIWAARUSHA as a champion for environmental conservation joined other organizations to embrace and celebrate the day in an event held at Kiserian secondary school in Arusha Dc- Arusha region.

In the past two months, MVIWAARUSHA conducted a tree planting campaign which was successfully implemented by the local government authority where 90,000 trees were planted in the entire district.

MVIWAARUSHA in support of other donor partners has been supporting the environmental conservation activities in the various public and private entities in the Arusha district for the best of the future generation. By providing trees and other logistical needs the organization has been implementing bold and recognized activities in the region.

MVIWAARUSHA is a true believer in agroecological practices which embrace nature and environmental conservation for the security and sustainable environment.

In today’s event through the programs officer Mr Damian Sulumo, MVIWAARUSHA extended a call to the Arusha DC official to join the organization in making the follow-up to the work done in the last two months.

“At MVIWAARUSHA we don’t leave things behind after implementation, we are ensuring we know the begging of our work and its destination” — Said Damian

The organization is a key player in the war against environmental degradation and other malpractices to the environment and has called upon other partners to join hands in making sure our region is a better place for today and future generation.

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