TRIAS boss commend MVIWAARUSHA for a great job …….

TRIAS boss commend MVIWAARUSHA for a great job …….

On the 6th of June 2023 MVIWAARUSHA programs officer Mr. Damian Sulumo and the team abided with the TRIAS officials led by the country coordinator Ms. Ritha Tarimo to visit the areas where several activities are implemented under the support of TRIAS.

TRIAS has become a very long-time traditional partner of MVIWAARUSHA in which several revolutionary changes to farmers have taken place under their intense support. Currently, it is an INCLUDE program that continues to tie their friendship in the areas of microfinance services, value addition in farm produce processing, environmental conservation, and many more.

The visit to the districts of Arusha DC (ekenywa and Losikito villages) & Monduli (Selela, mto wa Mbu, and Esilalei villages) gave Ms. Ritha a very bold and wider experience of their support to MVIWAARUSHA in the implementation of different activities.

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