Enhancing Agricultural Sustainability: Belgian Delegation Visits MVIWAARUSHA Implementation Sites

Enhancing Agricultural Sustainability: Belgian Delegation Visits MVIWAARUSHA Implementation Sites

H.E. Peter Huyghebaert, (second from left) Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Tanzania in a group photo with the IDP Director, Ayesiga Buberwa, MVIWAARUSHA programs Officer, Damian Sulumo and others from Regional Office and partners.
Damina Sulumo, MVIWAARUSHA programs shaking hand with H.E. Peter Huyghebaert, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Tanzania during his visit in Arusha
H.E. Peter Huyghebaert, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Tanzania testing the water pumping machine at the Mr Manase’s farm

In a significant stride towards bolstering agricultural sustainability initiatives, MVIWAARUSHA, in collaboration with IDP (Island of Peace/ Iles de Paix) and RECODA (Research, Community and Development Association), recently welcomed a high-profile delegation from the Kingdom of Belgium. The visit, spearheaded by MVIWAARUSHA’s dedicated program officer, Mr. Damian Sulumo, aimed to showcase the impactful strides in agricultural development and sustainability.

His Excellency, Peter Huyghebaert, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Tanzania, accompanied by Fanny Heylen, the Head of Cooperation at the Belgian Embassy in Tanzania, embarked on an insightful journey to various implementation sites in Arusha. The delegation’s visit underscored Belgium’s commitment to fostering sustainable agricultural practices and strengthening collaborative efforts with local partners in Tanzania.

The delegation was warmly received at the MVIWAARUSHA implementation sites, where they witnessed firsthand the innovative approaches being employed to enhance agricultural productivity while promoting environmental conservation. From sustainable farming techniques to regenerative organic practices, the visit provided a comprehensive overview of the diverse initiatives aimed at transforming the agricultural landscape in the region.

During their tour, the delegation engaged in fruitful discussions with local stakeholders, including farmers, community leaders, and project coordinators. These interactions facilitated the exchange of knowledge and experiences, highlighting the importance of synergistic partnerships in driving meaningful change within the agricultural sector.

One of the focal points of the visit was the collaborative efforts between MVIWAARUSHA, IDP, and RECODA in implementing sustainable agricultural projects. The delegation had the opportunity to witness the tangible impact of these initiatives on the livelihoods of farmers and the broader community. From improved crop yields to enhanced soil health, the positive outcomes showcased the effectiveness of holistic approaches to agricultural development.

As the visit concluded, Ambassador Huyghebaert admired the dedication and innovation demonstrated by the local partners in their pursuit of agricultural sustainability. He emphasised Belgium’s continued support for such initiatives and reaffirmed the importance of international cooperation in addressing global challenges such as food security and climate change.

The visit of His Excellency, Peter Huyghebaert, and Fanny Heylen was a testament to the fruitful collaboration between Belgium and Tanzania in advancing sustainable agriculture. It reinforced the shared commitment to harnessing the power of innovation and partnership to build a more resilient and prosperous future for farming communities in Tanzania and beyond.

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