Coordinator Message

For more than 35 years I have been in the agriculture scene, working with and for farmers, fisherfolk, bee keepers and livestock keepers including the pastoralists, engaging with various development actors, including State Actors and the Non-State Actors inclusive of farmers, their farmer organizations and non-governmental organizations, indeed it has been a great honor to me.

MVIWAARUSHA has been a place of hope to many local farmers, it graduated from a district network of farmers to a regional farmers’ organization. The current undertaking has placed MVIWAARUSHA in the center of the agricultural arena with ambition to elevate the sector to the upper ladder, indeed farming is more than work to me but a habit in my daily life.

I would bid to welcome all the stakeholders in development and other well-wishers to join hands with MVIWAARUSHA to support farmers, livestock keepers, fisherfolk as well as bee keepers and make our agriculture, livestock keeping and fisheries initiatives great pathways to decent livelihoods.

It is my hope that our positive attitude and good relationship with the government we have created will keep us ina move for the posterity of agriculture, livestock husbandry, fisheries and all the initiatives that lead to improving the environment and reduction of impacts of climate change. Our Coordination Office is open all the time to receive opinions and advice that can help us move forward together.

Our motto is always at heart of our actions:“Nguvuipotuwapopamoja, Uwezoupotuwapowengi”

Richard C. Masandika

Coordinator for MVIWAARUSHA